Technology Innovation Grants

Technology Innovation Grants

Who is eligible? Every St. Johnsbury Academy teacher is eligible and encouraged to apply for a Technology Innovation Grant.  Collaborations between teachers are encouraged, and you may apply as a team.

How many grants are available for teachers? The number of grants awarded will depend on the number of applications and grant amounts requested.

What would the grant cover? The focus of these grants will be about change, supporting new approaches to student learning, having the vision to see things differently, and using that vision to change instructional practices for the benefit of students and educators. The ultimate goal of these grants is to help educators increase student access to 21st century tools while narrowing the achievement gap for all learners. Grant money may be used to purchase hardware, software, peripherals, student subscriptions/registrations or what ever else a teacher finds to be an innovative and engaging 21st century tool to help their students succeed.

What is my first step? Maybe start by asking a big question.

“Would access to handheld technologies increase student achievement in the area of mathematics?”

“How does technology influence motivation to increase reading skills?”

Should I budget for professional development and training? Some funding has been set aside specifically for PD opportunities for the grant recipients. However, if you will have a very specific PD need, please do budget for that.  

How do I get the grant? Apply online here:  SJA Tech Grant Application. Only completed online applications will be considered for funding. Please use your STJLabs sign on (username & password) to log into this form.

When is it due?

October 1st @ 3:00 pm

What happens then? All applications are reviewed using a scoring rubric to determine which ones will receive funding. All applicants will be notified of their status by October 7th. You can view the grant scoring rubric here.

May I preview the applications questions? Yes. You may view a .PDF version of the application questions here. This is only to preview the questions. All applications must be submitted online.

Is there anything else I have to do? Yes. All grant recipients must agree to provide some form of professional development related to their classroom technology innovative grant.  The professional development you provide can take various forms.


Who do I contact for more information? Liz Laverty –


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