I love Google Forms! And, new themes!

It’s no secret that the Academic Technology Team loves Google Forms.  We use them for lots of things!

Daily performance self-evaluations

Daily Performance







Conference period sign in

CP screenshot








Presentation feedback



Selecting groups & projects


And the list goes on.

You can add a variety of question types:

Add types

  • Text is a short answer (a few words)
  • Paragraph text creates a box that expands for a longer response
  • Multiple choice – you provide the answers, students select one
  • Checkboxes – check all that apply
  • Choose from a list – like multiple choice, but a drop-down menu
  • Scale – Ask question, provide scale for answer
  • Grid- Questions on one axis, answers on another
  • You can add images or videos in the form and then ask questions below the media.


If you’re new to Google Forms, check out the tutorial Angela made here.  You can share the forms with students in a variety of ways, as demonstrated in this slide from Angela & Ilene’s presentation from the August inservice.

Share forms


Tonight, I logged in to StJLabs to set up a Google Form for our dorm to use to record their goals.  Students will have conversations with their mentors about these goals, and then record them in the Google Form.  The form responses will automatically be recorded in a spreadsheet (located in a shared folder all the counselors can access).

For the past few months, the theme options have been sad.  You could pick from things like Christmas lights and gingerbread men or green argyle print.  But tonight… Excitement!  When editing the form, click “change theme.”

Cats in Hats

Really, what is more exciting than cats in hats?  Right.




But you can also customize themes.  Think the font is hard to read, but love the general layout and header image?  Click on “Customize” and you have a whole bunch of options.

CustomizeFont etc


You can alter the font, font color, and remove the header images.  Sure, it’s cosmetic stuff – but it makes the forms easier to read in many cases.

For someone who LOVES Google Forms and uses them frequently, this is pretty exciting.  Exciting enough to blog about at 10:30 on a Wednesday night level of exciting.  It’s new & fun, and you should check out the new themes!

~ Denise

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